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Expofrut, leader company in Argentina's fresh fruit and vegetables production, packaging and trading started its activities in 1971 in the privileged area
of the valley in Rio Negro and Neuquén. Situated in Argentinean Patagonia, its exceptional weather and soil conditions are ideal for growing fruits recognized all around the world for their quality, flavour and size.

Since then started a new growing stage, in the first place within the Argentinean territory, secondly to Brazil and Costa Rica. In Argentina vegetables, pip fruits, stone fruits and citrus fruits are produced, packaged and traded in the Patagonia, Cuyo, Mesopotamia and in Argentina's north-east, while tropical fruits are produced and traded in Brazil and Costa Rica.

Focussed on the clients' satisfaction and the quality products, it has adopted modern techniques of sanitary prevention and works in all its areas with specific protocols at international levels which are permanently adjusted to the most demanding standards with the aim of ensuring human safety and environmental protection.

Fully devoted to continuous scientific research and experimentation, it has developed high quality production, processing, cooling and transporting capacity for its products which allows destining 90% of its 250.000 tons of annual production to the external market. These figures position it as the best fresh fruit and vegetable exporter from Argentina with a participation in the market of 28%.

The remaining 10% of quality fruit production is traded, through a different delivery service, directly to the shelf in the main supermarkets of Capital Federal, Gran Buenos Aires, Cordoba and other parts of the country, placing it also as one of the leaders in the domestic market.



Jujuy 58 (R8332GKB)
General Roca, Provincia de Río Negro,
tel.: +54 298 4439600
fax: +54 298 4439601
e-mail: info@expofrut.com.ar

Buenos Aires Business Office
Ruta Panamericana Km. 37,5
Calle Haendel, lote Nro. 5
Centro Industrial Garín.
(1619) Garín - Partido Escobar
Buenos Aires - Argentina.
Tel.: +54 3327 414441
Fax: +54 3327 414453
e-mail: info@expofrut.com.ar

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